Ecotourism, is defined as responsible travel to natural areas that promotes conservation of the environment along with supporting the local communities.
Ecotourism in has the potential to save valuable forests and related wildlife in Tamilnadu. It provides for people to enjoy the nature while ensuring the protection and pristine nature are kept intact. The attraction of ecotourism is nature and has positive environmental impacts by increasing political and economic support for natural area conservation and management.
Tamilnadu has taken a leap by developing lot of ecotourism sites in the state making it attractive destination for tourists. The places are exiting for wildlife enthusiasts, bird watchers and botanists and also provides for rare sighting of wildlife. Lot of activities are available for people who can put their adventure ability to test.
Varied accommodation facilities are available in most of the ecotourism spots where people can stay and enjoy the nature in its original form without causing any damage to it.
So what’s making you wait…….

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